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## The Writing Phase

To mark up a _heading_, start a line with one or more hashes. The number of hashes corresponds to the heading’s hierarchical level. That is, type `##` for a second level heading, `###` for a third level heading, and so on.

If you want to _emphasize_ a word or phrase, or mark it up as **important**, you can do so with single underscores or double asterisks, respectively, or use the shortcuts `⌘B` and `⌘I`.

_Ordered_ and _unordered lists_ can be created by simply typing dashes or numbers at the beginning of a line. And they will automatically continue, if “Smart Lists” are enabled in the Edit menu (Edit › Substitutions):

– This is
– An example
– Of an unordered list

If you want to create _block quotes_, e.g. to provide a motto, or to highlight famous quotes from even more famous people, simply start a line with a `>` character:

> That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
> (Neil Armstrong)

And with a _divider_ you can, well, divide. Text sections, for example.